Trainsignal Cisco CCENT Training Videos

Become a Cisco Certified Network Associate and master the knowledge and skills to proficiently install, configure, and operate LAN, WAN, and dial access for small networks through the TestOut CCNA certification course. To become CCNA certified the following course is required:

Installing GNS3 for Ubuntu

GNS3 sebagai emulator cisco handal dalam konfigurasi – konfigurasi routing maupun switching advance. pada GNS3 ini terdapat beragam konfigurasi yang tidak ada pada Packet Tracer, seperti routing External Gateway Protocol maupun Routing BGP. dengan emulator ini kita dapat melakukan design network tingkat expert.

How to bulid a voice Lab with GNS3 and VMWare

Is it possible to build a voice lab without actual hardware? The answer is yes and no. You can build a very good lab using GNS3 and VMWare but it is not possible to build a complete lab. The underlying emulation engine for GNS3 (dynamips) does not support digital signal processors (dsps) or voice cards.


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